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See below for a very incomplete list of my published articles. In addition to what's linked here, I also was Lead Writer for a media startup covering national politics, for which I contributed over 1,000 blog posts over two years.  


I have written about baseball through an analytical lens for The Athletic, Slate and The Hardball Times.

Shifting the Blame—Slate
It’s Time for Half the Teams in Baseball to Get Weird—Slate
Not Quite Bad Enough to be the Worst of All Time—Slate
Baseball's Best Players Should Be a Lot Richer--Slate
Team Non-Tender Could Outhit the Orioles—The Hardball Times
The Co-Evolution of Baseball the Sport and Baseball the Game—The Hardball Times
Giants Analytics: Their Biggest Need, Stratton's Problem and a Lopsided Week--The Athletic
Early Season Strikeout Rates Are Mostly Positive for A's hitters, Ominous for Giants--The Athletic
Giants Analytics: Yes, There is Actually Hope for the Struggling Offense--The Athletic
Giants Analytics: The Case for Andrew McCutchen Hitting Leadoff--The Athletic
Giants Analytics: What to Watch for in Returns of Bumgarner, Panik, Pence, Melancon and the Rest--The Athletic
A's Analytics: Five Key Players for the Present and the Future--The Athletic

Basic Income

I Ran for Office on a Basic Income Platform and So Should You
18 Reasons to Support Basic Income
My Basic Income Proposal
The Finland Basic Income Trials: Inching Toward Utopia by Solving Small Problems
What Americans Can Learn from the Swiss Basic Income Campaign
Domestic Workers are Still Suffering from Old Attitudes About "Women's Work"
Basic Income and the Paradox of Property
What's Really Going on with Finland's Basic Income Trial
An Experiment to Determine the Impact of Unconditional Cash to New Families


Governor Brown Signs Historic Groundwater Legislation--Earth Island Journal
How a Carbon Tax Could Pay Dividends to Everyone--The Progressive
How Microgrids Will Change America's Energy Infrastructure--GovTech
Taking Driverless Cars to the Next Level--GovTech
The Internet of Things Will Thrive on Energy Efficiency--GovTech 


See all of my past work as a contributor to Alternet here: alternet.org/authors/owen-poindexter
See all of my web pieces for Cannabis Now here: cannabisnow.com/author/owenpoindextercannabisnowmagazine-com

Big Banks Lobby on Still-to-be-Written Rules of Financial Regulation--MapLight
5 Biggest Myths on Marijuana, Debunked--Salon
Industry Favoring GOP Lawmakers Could get Tax Breaks in New Budget--MapLight
If 97% of Americans Sold Everything They Owned and Spent it on Congressional Elections, They Still Couldn't Max Out--Alternet
The 5 Blood-Soaked Cartels Fueled by America's Drug War--Alternet
Congress, Who's Authoring Post-Spill Oil Bills Favoring Big Oil?--MapLight, via Salem News
12 of the Biggest Myths About Marijuana Debunked--Alternet
No Longer an Inner City Problem--Today's Typical Heroin Users are White People in the Suburbs--Alternet
6 Powerful Reasons to Legalize Marijuana, from the New York Times--Alternet
Republicans Voting to Continue Funding for Planned Parenthood do Well with Pro-Choice Groups--MapLight
How Vermont Became the First State to Legalize Cannabis Through the Legislature--Cannabis Now
The Strange Patchwork of Edibles Regulations--Cannabis Now
Case Study: Colorado 5 Years After Legalization--Cannabis Now